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Our sponsors & partners

We have established a long and trustworthy relation with several partners in Ireland and abroad.   We work closely with travel & exchange agencies, accommodation supplier and websites, colleges, universities and language schools. Some of them are listed here.  If you are interested in becoming a partners, please contact us.


How it works


Contact us

If you are interested in offering our accommodation to your customers, please contact us.  We need make an agreement and register you into our partners database.


Receive a voucher

After registration, you will receive a unique voucher for your company.  You can now place bookings at the dedicated link below.  The voucher will help us to track your customers' reservations.


Get your commissions

While you are placing a booking with your voucher, you will immediately see your commissions.  No payment is required booking online. An invoice with discounted price will be sent afterwards.

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