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Our Mission

Viva Ireland has been founded in 2010 with the purpose of helping students and young professionals to move to Ireland. We realized how difficult is moving abroad when there is a language barrier and little knowledge of the new country. We want to share our experience and avoid the same mistakes we have done when arrived in Ireland the first time. For this reason we offer a personalized experience for anyone willing to study and work in Ireland by providing accommodation, English courses, internship opportunities and job search support.

What we do

Our story

In 2005, two young and like-minded friends who have recently moved to Ireland decided to create a blog to share their experience, suggestions and difficulties.  Working full time during the day, they were publishing posts on nights to keep it updated with useful information.  At at time, before social media became predominant, the majority of information on internet was on blogs and forum. After few years the blog reached thousands of visitors.

Seeing the need for a flexible accommodation offer in the rental market particularly aimed to those who relocate for work or study in Dublin, the two friends founded Viva Ireland in 2010.  They started by renting out a spare bedroom in their own apartment. Since then, the company has constantly expanded to host customers from all over the world. New staff, services and locations were added.

In March 2020, a new enemy called Covid-19 has caused massive disruptions to international travels. It didn't stop us. We are still here to accomplish our original mission to help people whose dream is moving to Ireland.

Our Values

Trust & Integrity

Teamwork & Collaboration

Diversity & Inclusion

Customer Satisfaction

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